Phone translation services and why use them

I’ve seen quite a few translation errors around the internet lately, like the Chinese translation for the latest Avengers movie. A quick search will give you some good loughs. This is a collection of the funniest translation mistakes machine translation can do.

In case you’re wondering what is machine translation, in short, a computer software that translates text from a language to another using dictionaries, or word by word translation. Something like Google Translate – if you know two languages, give it a try, it won’t bite you.

While such translation might fit personal needs or curiosity, it will not be enough if you need an exact translation. There are some people that do this and they’re called translators. They belong to companies or are freelancers, and they provide (at least, some of them) accurate translations.

To end this, if you want to have some fun or get people angry, try machine translation. If you need quality, try a professional translation agency.


One Response to “Phone translation services and why use them”

  1. evonfinch4674 Says:

    duh..nmudah2an palm baru gw dapetkan kembali…nsmntara ini gw pake hape biasa setelah palm G88 gue dari taon 2004 dipensiunin karena dah “ Click

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